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If you are feeling chained to or curious about sex but also trying to live your life for God, this audiobook is for you. It sounds crazy to form a sentence that way, but that is who I was. I was a young girl who loved God and deeply wanted to live a good Christian life, but I became caught up in wanting to feel wanted.


I found myself falling into bed with terrible decisions, and the worst thing is, I had no one to talk to about it. I had a loving church community, but unfortunately, no one talked openly about the secret struggles of sex. Religion somehow kept us together on the outside but trapped to secrecy on the inside. If only someone felt free enough to listen to me and brave enough to help me understand that my sexual curiosities were normal, then maybe I would have kept my virginity.


Since I did not get that then, I will be that for someone else now. I will not live in those regrets; instead, I will allow my pain to become a lesson for you. I will give you the truth about sex before marriage in the honesty I wish was given to me. Although you will listen to scriptures, I guarantee you this will not be your average Bible group purity class. You will listen to the details of my experiences in a way that is not taught in church but needed to help you overcome temptation. If you are comfortable enough to embrace that, then this audiobook will bring you the understanding you need to keep yourself from having sex before marriage.


This audiobook is great for church youth groups, Christian book clubs, teen ministries, and singles ministries. It is for any age that has been exposed to the idea of sex, either through friends, social media, school, music, or experience. Inside, you will find activities for you to reflect on your life and even set goals. You or your church group will greatly benefit from this listen!

Sex Before Marriage - Audio

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