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  • What age is this book appropriate for?
    Considering that Disney Channel and other well know media outlets have cartoons for toddles that teach witchcraft, transgender, and homosexuality, it's safe to say this book that teaches the proper understanding of sex God's way is appropriate for 13 and up! Teens who hear about sex, teens/adults who have already had sex, anyone who should not be having sex outside of marriage are the appropriate age for this book.
  • How Do I Get the "Expensive" Shirt?
    Shirts are currently not on sale. Subscribe to the email list to know when they are coming out.
  • Is this book only for Christians?
    This book is for anyone wondering about God, anyone who already believes in God, and anyone who wants to find value in themselves through God after sexual mistakes. This book is not directed towards rape or molestation. This is for people curios about sex or who have already willingly had sex and want to stop until marriage.
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