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The Book That Helps with All That is Unspoken


My Story

Growing up I was rightly told over and over that sex was for marriage. Yet I did not wait. I can't fault anyone for my choices; I simply wish I was given more than just a rule. I wish I was given the why behind the command. And I don't mean the "because God said so" type of why. I mean the why supported with details, regrets, lessons, experiences, and stories. I wish I would have heard the perfect advice from admittedly imperfect people who were not afraid to share they messed up too. This would have been more compelling to keep me from having sex before marriage. I don't fault them, they did what they knew, I simply want to help the issue so the cycle can be broken. 


This is not a book with inappropriate sexual content, but it is filled with real, transparent, and captivating truth that is often unspoken in church concerning sex. You will 100% know WHY sex should only remain for your marriage and not had with anyone before then. If you have already crossed the lines before marriage, there is no condemnation, I did too. There is grace for you to start over today! Take my mistakes, turn them into your lessons, save your value. This book is the help you have been looking for!

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